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Re: Pantry Pride

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Setzer's Supermarkets in Jacksonville. That's a name I hadn't thought of in a long time. I remember being in one somewhere in the vicinity of North Main Street in Jacksonville in about 1958. I don't remember there being any Food Fair stores anywhere north of Vero Beach until about 1963, and those that did open in east central Florida were in shopping centers with J.M. Fields, although not physically connected to them. So, my question is...what did they do with Setzer's? We were through Jacksonville a lot, and about the only stores there in the late fifties and early sixties were Winn-Dixie and A&P. Maybe I just missed something because I wasn't looking in the right place.
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Re: Pantry Pride

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Actually, Food Fair's history differs depending on whom the source is, which is very frustrating.

Some sources say New York City in 1900, 1901 or 1910 as a butcher shop that expanded to sell produce and dairy (Sam's Shop then Food Faire). Other sources say 1910 in NYC as Sam's Shop then Harrisburg PA. to Giant Quality Discount Center or Giant Price Cutter Center.

I sure wish a knowledgeable Friedland descendant would clear this up. Even long time employees have different recollections.

Setzers (under Food Fair) operated for a short time with their name and then were all converted to Food Fair.

Side note:

Mike, some of your details are a bit off (not that important, btw) most likely due to the source. Food Fair filed bankruptcy first, and then re branded the corporate name to Pantry Pride Inc., moving to Fort Lauderdale. Also Perelman did purchase (hostile) Pantry Pride and THEN navigated Pantry Pride Inc. to purchasing Revlon (changing Pantry Pride Inc.'s name to Revlon Cosmetics).

:-) (smile)
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Re: Pantry Pride

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IIRC, some of the Setzer's stores eventually became part of the Pic 'N Save drug/discount chain. These stores were like mini discount stores with pharmacies and a substantial grocery department (no meat or produce). I think these were mostly stores that had been replaced with newer Food Fair or Pantry Pride locations.
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Re: Pantry Pride

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maynesG wrote:Hi, I seem to remember towards the end of Pantry Prides run in Florida,that John Castamadides ( god I think I Butchered the spelling of his name) the owner of Red Apple Supermarkets purchased the chain or was it just some of the stores.Would any body know for sure? Just something that was banging around in the back of my mind
I was researching Red Ap[ple Supermarkets and stumbled on my own answer, According to Wilkipedia; In 1985 the last of the Pantry Pride Stores were sold to Red Aplle stores Founder John Catsimadidis in South Florida and were supplied by Fleming Foods. red Apple opened the last new Pantry Pride in 1991 in Sunny Isle Florida. Red Apple then purchased the seven store Wooley Chain and changed the name of it!s Pantry Pride Stores to Wooleys.
Red Apple and Fleming went to court over a dispute and Red Apple settled the dispute by selling its Florida stores to Fleming. I guess Flemingthe did what Fleming did best, misran them!
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Re: Pantry Pride

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i remember that here in richmond we did have at least one pantry pride store it was at azalea mall, but it's history was verry complacated, the last i remember that it had been bought & sold so many times that i lost track so whats the real story about them, i mean a&p had them at one point and then it mophed into farmer jacks i think? so can anyone really explain what the heck happened to them anyway.
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Re: Pantry Pride

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dooneyt63 wrote:IIRC, some of the Setzer's stores eventually became part of the Pic 'N Save drug/discount chain. These stores were like mini discount stores with pharmacies and a substantial grocery department (no meat or produce). I think these were mostly stores that had been replaced with newer Food Fair or Pantry Pride locations.
Out here in Philadelphia, Food Fair was operating it's last 4 years here under the names of Pantry Pride, J.M.Fields/Pantry Pride combo stores, and Penn Fruit (after Food Fair acquired what was left of Penn Fruit company in 1975).
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Re: Pantry Pride

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Hills Supermarkets,

Hills growth and operations, as told by its president, Edwin Epstein, began with the formation of the Montauk Wholesale Grocery Co., Inc. ("Montauk") in 1921. In 1933, Montauk and its principal retail customer, King Kullen Stores, united to form Mid-Island Markets, Inc. ("Mid-Island") to operate a supermarket in Suffolk County under the name "King Kullen". In 1938, Mid-Island opened a store in Nassau County, the home base of King Kullen, under the name Hills. This store was named after Hilliard J. Coan, the son of one of the principals of the old Montauk wholesale operation. By 1947, there were eleven or twelve such retail food markets operating in Suffolk and Nassau Counties, two or three under the Hills name, the rest under "King Kullen". Later that year, all of the stores in the Mid-Island chain were renamed "Hills Supermarkets". In 1954, as a result of an internal reorganization and consolidation, Mid-Island and Montauk became "Hills Supermarkets, Inc." In 1960, this concern was listed for trading on the American Stock Exchange for the first time. In January, 1965, "Hills Supermarkets, Inc." merged with E.J. Korvette which subsequently became known as Spartan Industries. From January, 1965, until February, 1967, defendant's supermarkets were operated under the names "Hills Supermarkets", "Korvette's Supermarkets" and "Hills-Korvette's Supermarkets". This chain operated in the local area with stores in Westchester and Rockland Counties, and in New Jersey and Connecticut as well. On March 25, 1968,Pueblo Corporation, a firm based in Puerto Rico, acquired the Hills-Korvette division of Spartan Industries. In May of 1977 Pueblo sold the firm to Food Fair and one year later closed all the stores, many stores were picked up by Waldbaum’s Supermarket and in an ironic twist of it’s history,King Kullen At its peak HSI operates 68 stores in the local area, accounting for approximately 4% of supermarket sales in that area as a whole, including 8% of such sales in Nassau County, 16% in Suffolk County and 11% in the combined Nassau-Suffolk area.

owned by Hilliard Coan, was a New York based grocery store chain which was popular in the 1960s.[1] In May 1977 it was sold as a subdivision of Pueblo International Inc., to Food Fair.
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