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A&P/Jane Parker Pie

Posted: 14 Mar 2023 20:46
by Clifton
Hello everyone, thanks for allowing me to join this site. I can see looking at the message board threads I will be remembering/learning a lot.

For the past several years, I have been trying to find information on a pie my folks used to buy at the local A&P (Dayton, Ohio) back in the 60s/70s. I remember it as pineapple orange, my sister thinks it was sold as coconut orange. It was not a cream pie, nor was there any meringue. The top of the pie was a crust, like you'd see on an ordinary apple or cherry pie.

I have found recipes for both coconut orange and pineapple orange pies, but they don't look like the Jane Parker pie I remember. I've searched high and low for information on this pie, but keep coming up empty. I've even looked on line at dozens of old A&P newspaper ads. Nothing.

I did find there is an A&P Museum, but apparently it's rarely open. In the meantime, anyone remember this pie, or know if a list of Jane Parker baked goods exist?