NEW: Austin TX, 1924-1986

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NEW: Austin TX, 1924-1986

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This one was by popular vote on Twitter:

I hope to fill in the gaps between 1986 and the present soon.
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Re: NEW: Austin TX, 1924-1986

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I believe that I mentioned this in another thread, but the biggest changes that happened between 1986 and the present are these:
- Tom Thumb sells about half of their stores to Albertsons (the better half, including a store under construction)
- Skaggs Alpha Beta becomes Jewel-Osco in 1991, which becomes Albertsons in 1992.
- Safeway becomes AppleTree in a 1989 spin-off.
- AppleTree sells its stores in early 1994. In Austin, these stores are all picked up by Randalls, which renovate and reopen them. Tom Thumb, which Randalls had acquired the parent company of (Cullum Cos.) a few years earlier, is re-bannered as Randalls.
- Albertsons exits the area in 2007 by selling off their stores (the ones that didn't close in 2006) to H-E-B. A few of these stores are reopened as H-E-B, some that are close to existing H-E-B stores don't.
- Albertsons re-enters Austin by buying Randalls, which by this time is a mix of small Safeway/AppleTree stores, some old, small Rylander stores (going as low as 15k square feet), and some 1990s/Safeway builds

Current situation is H-E-B dominates by a huge amount, both in store count, popularity, and size of the stores.
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