NEW: Flint MI, 1925-1989

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NEW: Flint MI, 1925-1989

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For your Wednesday night enjoyment:

Despite the fact that much of Flint's built environment has been destroyed, there are still a lot of surviving grocery relics here.

I was surprised that I could find no evidence of National being in the area, even though they did have locations to the north and south. Wrigley's/Packer's apparently had very little success in Flint.

I'll skip the long story of Kroger > Kessel > Kroger (with its assorted detours for now). It may alread be covered on the board anyway but I don't have time to look right now.
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Re: NEW: Flint MI, 1925-1989

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National sold their Detroit division stores in 1966 and the stores in that Division seem to have been thinly distributed given the population and geography they covered.

More interesting is that Food Fair/Farmer Jack never had stores in the Flint area. They had a store in Toledo (and several there under A&P) ownership but not in a place more connected in terms of media and other retail like Flint.

Hamady may have dominated the market such that Food Fair/Farmer Jack and Wrigley/Packer never made it a priority. Other Detroit chains like Great Scott and Chatham are missing, too. Wrigley was in small markets like Adrian and briefly had a presence in Toledo.
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