Ballard Safeway Early 1900's to 1995

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Ballard Safeway Early 1900's to 1995

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Greetings, its been a while since I have posted, but since I have sheltered time at home this is a post I have been meaning to share. There was a Safeway at 465 North 36th Street in Ballard Washington that opened in the 1930s and closed to the public in the 1970's, then it became a training school for Safeway checkers and management until the middle 1990's. Thousands of Safeway employees could receive training on up to 3 different register systems within the school, Sweda Power Penny, Data Terminal Systems (DTS) and IBM 3663/3683 Fixed and Programmable POS. Attaching before and after pictures from 1941 and 2019. The building has been used for multiple businesses since it was built, orginally as a Safeway, then Baby Diaper Service, a Bagel Shop and now Norms Restaurant.
Ballart TS Today.jpg
Safeway 465 North 36th Street Ballard.jpg
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