Chain store density, 1930

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Chain store density, 1930

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U.S. chain store density, 1930: some "quickie" research that might become more rigorous (in an academic sort of way) later. ... y-in-1930/
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Re: Chain store density, 1930

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It would be very interesting to see if and how the density correlates with geography: After all, some states were historical bastions of anti-chain sentiment and regulation in the 1920s and 1930s while others hastened their presence. Being the "home turf" of a major chain doesn't seem to have been enough to boost the store-to-people ratio: If it did, I'd expect San Francisco (Safeway's backyard) and Newark (A&P's) to lead the list.

Another thing that fascinates me about these statistics is how they're independent of the city's absolute population. Take Princeton, WV, which might be the smallest city on the site. In 1930, it boasted a population of 6955 and a grand total of 4 chain stores. Extrapolated to 100000 people, what do those stats work out to? 57.5...or the dead-centre median average of the list!
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