Penn Fruit Locations, 1955

Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia.

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Penn Fruit Locations, 1955

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Found while looking for something else. This also solved a mystery store question for me.

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Re: Penn Fruit Locations, 1955

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Well, this is very handy! There's nothing like a good list of addresses to dig through. Of these 37 or so locations, at least 10 are arch-roof stores that survive:

48th & Pine: Now subdivided
4301 Walnut: Now Supreme Shop 'n Bag
20th & Oregon Ave: Now CVS
6515 Castor Ave: Now Rite Aid
6351 Roosevelt Blvd: Now a Chevrolet dealership
5921 Rising Sun Ave: Now Dollar General
5149 Frankford Ave: Now vacant
Wynnewood & Penn, Chester PA: Now Old Navy
3100 W 9th St, Chester PA: Now Cousins Fresh Market (with an incredible, original sign)
101 W Cheltenham, Cheltenham PA: Now Save-a-Lot

Many of the other locations are the sites of flat-roof buildings that may be original to Penn Fruit (like 3138 Frankford), may have been renovated beyond recognition, or may have been rebuilt entirely in the intervening 64 years. It's sometimes a tough call...tougher still when it's a crossroads location and not a precise address.
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