Appearances of the iconic French Quarter A&P/Rouses in film and television

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Appearances of the iconic French Quarter A&P/Rouses in film and television

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I stumbled upon this music video completely by accident: ... r-minister

Notice the A&P sign at around 35 seconds into the video. Would the logo shown have been in use at the time this store first opened (1920s perhaps?) Also, what is the square footage of this store? And how many other tenants does it share the building with?

I figure this store (or rather, its famous sign) must have appeared in at least one movie or TV show at some point. But I wonder... in this music video, perhaps this sign was featured because A&P paid for brand placement? If so, that would be a bit unusual because the A&P circle logo had been replaced long before this video was shot (around 1992) and this store had already long been the smallest store in the A&P chain. Ironically, when A&P finally decided to leave the New Orleans market, Rouses bought this store even though they declined to buy the late 60's A&P store in the Garden District citing that store's small size (compared for example to 90's-era former A&P/Sav-A-Center stores that Rouses bought, such as the one in Metairie on Veterans Boulevard) even though it was bigger than the French Quarter store. Thankfully, the Garden District store was bought by Breaux Mart, so it has survived as a supermarket to this day. Speaking of which, has it ever been featured in movies or TV?
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