New location list: Grand Junction CO, 1925-1994

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Re: New location list: Grand Junction CO, 1925-1994

Post by Andrew T. » 27 May 2018 00:39

I've passed through Grand Junction once, in 2010. I remember it as an oasis after hours of driving through uninhabited red-rock wilderness in Utah, and before hours of treacherous driving across the continental divide. Alas, I didn't go looking for supermarket artifacts while I was there...

Grand Junction is about half the size of Pueblo, and this reflects itself in the brevity of the location list. It does have one Safeway marina, however: 2401 North Avenue, which most recently housed a Hastings store. The roofline's been thinly disguised by a stair-step facade, and adjacent real estate listings indicate the centre was built in 1964.
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