New Location List: Pueblo CO, 1925-1991

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Re: New Location List: Pueblo CO, 1925-1991

Post by Andrew T. » 25 May 2018 20:25

It looks like you have Prairie Avenue misspelled as "Prarie" on the spreadsheet. Great work, though!

I doubt it's still that way today, but Pueblo definitely looks to be a place where Safeway historically "called the shots." The bizarre pylon/marina/Super-S amalgamation at W. Northern and E. Orman Aves. is the most obvious monument to their history there, but it's hardly the only one: 226 E. Abriendo Ave. is a fantastic 1930s store with brick details in contrasting colours. A couple of 1940s builds on 111 Lincoln St. and 1305 Lake Ave. also still stand in recognizable condition.

Pueblo has lost several Safeways to closure in recent years. 1322 E. 8th St. is one of them, along with 617 W. 29th St. (an early post-marina store). A 1950s-era store at 1231 S. Prairie Ave. is the sole survivor, but it's been modernized to oblivion.

Among non-Safeways, there's a 1950s King Soopers still open at 3050 W. Northern Ave...though it too has been renovated beyond recognition; in front, anyway. The overhead and rear views are a trainwreck of multiple expansions!
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