New location list: Erie PA 1925-2005

Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia.

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New location list: Erie PA 1925-2005

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This one turned out extra fascinating. Lots of big names converged in this not-so-big city:
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Re: New location list: Erie PA 1925-2005

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Kroger never had more than a couple stores. They made it to Erie at the end of their big expansion that began in the mid-50s--they bought a small chain in DC around this time and expanded into the Twin Cities. Their geographic expansion pretty well stopped shortly after that. They left DC within a few years while Erie and the Twin Cities were among the first markets they exited as they receded in the 70s, although they remained longer in smaller towns in NW PA. Acme only ever had 2 or 3 stores--these probably were supplied out of Buffalo but it seemed to follow their odd pattern of Western PA locations sourced from Johnstown--they never had more than half a dozen stores in and around Pittsburgh and they skipped over some towns in SW PA. Loblaw bought Century which had bought a couple local chains, and they had their own stores already--Loblaw's Buffalo division extended as far as Ashtubula, Ohio which is at least 30 miles West. Golden Dawn was a co-op based in Sharon, PA I believe, which covered much of Western PA as well as the Warren-Youngstown area--they were known for giving King Korn Stamps. The name "Golden Dawn" still exists on 1 or 2 stores but I don't think the co-op does--it was bought by Peter J Schmitt, which was related to Loblaw, and went bankrupt in the 90s.
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