History of Albertsons Lake Hazel, Boise

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History of Albertsons Lake Hazel, Boise

Post by Super S » 12 Jun 2016 11:26

Albertsons had a store at Five Mile and Lake Hazel in Boise until the mid-1980s, when Albertsons closed the location as they took over most of the remaining Boise Buttrey stores. Two were located along Five Mile..one intersected with Overland, and the other intersected with Ustick. Albertsons also closed a store at Fairview and Five Mile, which became a thrift store.

The Lake Hazel store had a couple of independents in there before becoming a Paul's Market. Albertsons recently acquired Paul's, and they chose to keep this location open, and it is once again an Albertsons. It is interesting that they returned to a location that they closed 30 years prior.

I am curious if anybody has pictures of this location during its first stint as an Albertsons. I am not 100% positive, but if memory serves me correctly, the location lacked a bakery and deli when Albertsons had it the first time. I am trying to remember what type of signage it had...it seems it had the old ALBERTSONS logo (individual white letters on blue background) which is what the Broadway store had until its 1980s remodel. I also am curious if Lake Hazel was using scanners at the time Albertsons first closed the store, or if I am correct in that Broadway was the last store in Boise to install them.

I find it interesting that the recent news stories about Albertsons taking over Paul's do not mention the fact that this store was an Albertsons once before.

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Re: History of Albertsons Lake Hazel, Boise

Post by pseudo3d » 27 Jun 2016 12:55

I doubt it could be found on the Internet at all. I wonder what Albertsons did with the Paul's gas station in front of the store.

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