3 Store local chain in W-S NC

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moravian cookie

3 Store local chain in W-S NC

Post by moravian cookie »

When I was a kid, my family occasionally shopped at Mt Tabor Food market on Robinhood Rd in Winston-Salem NC. It was part of a local chain of stores, along with Paragon Food Market and Grandview. Mt Tabor was an old-fashioned sort of place that I seem to recall having some more rural oriented items like bulk feed, if memory serves. They also were notable in that they didn't carry any alcoholic beverages, which probably contributed to the stores closing in the 90's.

Here is the info I've been able to find about the chain so far:

Mailing addresses and owner info:
http://www.bizapedia.com/addresses/P-O- ... 27040.html

Mt Tabor Food Mkt Facebook page (of all things):

I was wondering if the good people of the groceteria message board were aware of this small chain and had any info.


Re: 3 Store local chain in W-S NC

Post by bwf24 »

I worked at both Paragon and Grandview many years ago. I guess I never considered it a chain store situation, but I suppose you could call it a chain. All three stores advertised together, running the same specials each week, and I think most locals thought of the stores together, as one group.

If I remember correctly, at one time Mount Tabor and Grandview were owned by a couple of brothers, and Paragon was owned by a different person. Later I think all three stores were owned by the brothers. I believe that at one time Mount Tabor was the largest grocery store in Winston-Salem.

I worked for a food broker in the late 80s, and I remember going downstairs at Mount Tabor into this really large stockroom, almost like a warehouse. One would have thought they would be there for many years to come. Sadly, it wouldn't be long until all three stores closed.

I pass the old Paragon building from time to time, and it's sad to see it standing empty. The Mount Tabor building was demolished and new businesses were built on that site. I'm not sure about the Grandview building. I think it was the last one to go out.

In my opinion the changing times and overwhelming competition from the bigger chain stores led to the demise of the stores. But all three enjoyed some glory years in Winston-Salem for a long time.
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