Washington state Montgomery Ward locations

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Washington state Montgomery Ward locations

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I moved to Longview, Washington in 1988, and there was a Montgomery Ward from the early 1960s open at the Triangle Mall, which was open, mostly unchanged, right up until the chain went out of business.

There were also several locations around the Portland, Oregon area, as well as Salem.

However, I do not remember seeing any full-line Wards locations in the Seattle area during this time period. I seem to remember seeing them elsewhere in Washington, possibly Yakima or Spokane, but have not really spent much time in the eastern half of the state. Vancouver, WA did not have a Wards, and the proximity to sales tax free Oregon may have played a role. I seem to remember that the Jantzen Beach location was one of the top locations as far as appliance sales went.

I am just curious in what other areas Montgomery Ward had stores in Washington. I know Wards had spotty coverage as far as locations went, and did not have nearly as many locations as Sears and JCPenney. Wards was completely absent from many areas of the U.S.A. where competitors had stores, which would not make it surprising if they were not in Seattle.
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Re: Washington state Montgomery Ward locations

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Wards had a number of catalog stores in the Puget Sound area, but not any full-line locations that I'm aware of.
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