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Honeydew Markets-NJ

Posted: 26 Mar 2011 07:46
by werememberretail
Anyone have any info on this chain? I have heard it discussed here and there both here and on the Acme Style Blog.

Re: Honeydew Markets-NJ

Posted: 26 Mar 2011 12:25
by maynesG
Hi, This was a small regional chain that I remember as a kid in North Jersey. The origins had some thing to do with management from Penn Fruit. The stores they had in Bergen County were in Paramus. River Edge( was a Shop Rite for many years afterward), New Milford ( purchased by its Deli manager and ran as an Italian American Grocery store for many years) and Hackensack as well as other places I simply can!t recall. They were supermarkets that were known for good deli and produce departments. Why they closed I am not sure but they were serious for some time .
I guess Shop Rite and Pathmark did them in.

Re: Honeydew Markets-NJ

Posted: 25 Sep 2018 11:27
by sybil
My father owned them. The first was in Teaneck. Do you have any idea when it closed? He was wiped out by larger chains.