Rexall Drugs

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Rexall Drugs

Post by marshd1000 »

Yesterday, I was in Downtown Gig Harbor, WA and found the first Rexall Drug store that I have seen in many years! As far as I know, Rexall lives on in Canada. But I am wondering if anyone else has seen any other unaffiliated Rexall Drug Stores here in the US?
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Re: Rexall Drugs

Post by dooneyt63 »

There are dozens of unaffiliated Rexall stores left around the country. Liggett Rexall in Dania, FL, comes immediately to mind. Many stores still sport the signs; some use Rexall in their current name. The subsequent owners of the trademark in the U.S., Rexall Sundown Vitamins, allow its use with attribution of their ownership of the mark. It certainly keeps the name in front of the consumer. Views of many of these are available on Flickr in the Rexall Drug Stores pool. The name resonates so well with consumers that Dollar General is introducing Rexall OTC, HBA, and first aid exclusively next fall to supplement their existing Rexall vitamin offering.
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Re: Rexall Drugs

Post by Ephrata1966 »

Acme Markets of Philadelphia had a partnership (not ownership) with Rexall called "Rea & Derick". The long-gone Acme in Pottstown, PA had a Rea & Derick next to it for many years. This store opened in 1964, and around 1984 was sold to CVS which has since relocated.
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Re: Rexall Drugs

Post by Steve Landry »

Food Fair had a similar agreement in the Southeast with Eckerds (pre buy out of Fredericks Market) [which had it's own "in-store" pharmacy in the 1940s].

Later.....when Food Fair and Eckerds "did not get along", Eckerds sought out Publix for the same type of agreement.
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Re: Rexall Drugs

Post by rich »

"Acme Markets of Philadelphia had a partnership (not ownership) with Rexall"

Not quite sure what you mean. Rea & Derrick was owned by Acme. Acme sold the stores to Peoples in the 80s, who sold out to CVS in the 90s.

Many chains affiliated with Rexall into the 1960s, because it supplied them with store brand merchandise. Gray Drug, based in Cleveland and Cunningham based in Detroit were examples of this. Walgreen did not have chain affiliates but did have "Walgreen Agency Stores", which were indies that had access to Walgreen brands and buying.

Re: Rexall Drugs

Post by TLones2012 »

Two Rexall commercials from the 1966 ABC animated special Alice In Wonderland..Delightfully done I think..
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Re: Rexall Drugs

Post by BillyGr »

Steve Landry wrote:Later.....when Food Fair and Eckerds "did not get along", Eckerds sought out Publix for the same type of agreement.
Actually, per the book written by (Jack) Eckerd, he had tried to work with Publix before, but they had an exclusive arrangement with a company called Touchton Drugs.

However, when the owner of Touchton decided to sell to Liggett Drugs, Publix was unhappy with Liggett and didn't want to work with them, so knowing that Eckerd had been interested, they contacted him and worked out a deal and eventually wound up with over 150 Eckerd/Publix store combinations.

It doesn't mention what connection he had with Food Fair prior to that, just that he had 5 stores and doubled it to 10 to start the Publix relationship.
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