Camas, WA Safeway Question

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Camas, WA Safeway Question

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Is it true that the Safeway in Camas, WA located at 800 N.E. 3rd Ave. is the exact same location as the prior Safeway at 702 N.E. 3rd Ave., considering the two addresses are only one block away?

This theory is true when I wrote Safeway back in 2007 about the grand opening of their Lincoln City, OR store (opening day: July 21, 1966). The original store was a Marina Prototype version (maybe it originally had a gable roof) when originally located at 4041 N.W. Logan Rd., but when the Lincoln City Plaza was revamped around 1980, the Safeway store address was changed to 4101 N.W. Logan Rd., but it is in truth the same store only with a different address.

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Re: Camas, WA Safeway Question

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Stores will sometimes change the address when a replacement store faces a different street. One I know of is the Albertsons in Boise at Overland & Vista. The original store (which started life as a Safeway) faced Overland and had an Overland address. When Albertsons replaced this one with a new building, it took on a Vista address as the new one faces Vista.

As for Lincoln City, I was there earlier this year. The current Rite Aid looks like it may be the original Safeway as the interior has the arched ceiling. The current Safeway at the north end of the complex looks to be a newer building. Not brand new, but newer than the 1960s.
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Re: Camas, WA Safeway Question

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In looking at Historic Aerials, the original Camas store was replaced around 1990. It sat in what is now the parking lot of the existing store. There is a 1990 image of the site that shows both buildings, with the current one under construction at the time.

This was definitely not uncommon for Safeway. The uncommon part is that both buildings look to be around the same size, though I know the Marina buildings aren't as flexible as a standard big box building due to their roof construction.
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