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Starting New Topics

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Hi all,

I know I've played this scene before, but maybe some newer members could use this reminder/refresher.

Please do not be shy about starting new topics rather than just replying to a pre-existing thread where your post doesn't really fit. This is particularly important when the thread in question is about a specific store or location. If you want to ask/talk about a different location, it makes it much easier for everyone if you start a new thread to do it. It also makes my life easier since I don't have to spend time I really don't have right now cleaning up nightmarish, rambling threads. And I like it when my life is easier :)

Related: it's a good idea to make your thread subjects as specific as possible, like with addresses, etc.

Thanks for all the very interesting discussion lately. I'm still here, but a little preoccupied by my last semester in grad school and a new job I may be starting soon.

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