HARCO drugs in Alabama

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HARCO drugs in Alabama

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Does anyone know much about Harco Drugs in Alabama? I'm working on a renovation to a mid 1980's strip center in Daphne, AL (just across the bay from Mobile) where we are planning on tearing down an old Delchamps and Harco Drugs to put in a new grocer (that have long had other tenants in their place). I'd never heard of Harco before this, but from what little I've found on the web they seemed to have had a pretty decent presence in AL.
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Re: HARCO drugs in Alabama

Post by krogerclerk »

Harco was acquired by Rite Aid drugs in 1996 or 97. The company was based in Tuscaloosa, AL and also operated Carport auto parts stores. The deal happened around the same time K&B Drugs was acquired in the Gulf Coast region.
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