Question About Mall Tenants in Portland, OR in 1985

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Question About Mall Tenants in Portland, OR in 1985

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I have a question: what were all the tenants and restaurants in 1985 at all these Portland, OR-area malls? I never explored the inside of the Jantzen Beach Supercenter, so I won't bring that up.

Mall hot sheet (all details judged by the best of my own memory):
*Lloyd Center (anchors in 1985: J. C. Penney, Nordstrom, Meier & Frank, the revived Lipman's, The Crescent, Woolworth's)
**Restaurants: Taco Time, Arby's, Orange Julius

*Eastport Plaza (anchors in 1985: J. C. Penney, Newberry, G.I. Joe's, Mervyn's)
**Tenants I know so far: J. K. Gill, Kinney Shoes, Electronic America, Zales Jewelry, Snappy Photo, Jean Machine

*Mall 205 (anchors in 1985: Montgomery Ward, Pay Less Drug, Emporium)
**Tenants I know so far: Harry Ritchie's Jewelry, Kay-Bee Toys
**Restaurants: A&W, Orange Julius

*Clackamas Town Center (anchors in 1985: Montgomery Ward, Sears, J. C. Penney, Meier & Frank, Nordstrom)
**Tenants I know so far: J. K. Gill Stationery, Lerner, Mariposa, Kay-Bee Toys, Radio Shack
**Restaurants: Taco Time, Arby's, Orange Julius, Hot Dog on a Stick

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Re: Question About Mall Tenants in Portland, OR in 1985

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The Electric Palace occupied space at Clackamas Town Center along the north side of the food court level overlooking the ice skating rink during this era. The walls were painted flat black with a fluorescent space scene painted into the ceiling, lit up by black lights. That and the games provided all the lighting for the arcade. Really cool.

On the northwest corner (right where the main mall met the ice rink area), there was a Morrow's Nut House. Excellent caramel apples.
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