Fred Litwin Furniture Store

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Fred Litwin Furniture Store

Post by dewolf »

I am and have been for quite some time looking for some indepth information about the Fred Litwin Antique and Furniture Store. It was a Antique and Furniture store located in DC from 1951-2003. The store was located at 637 Indiana Ave NW. Washington DC. Inside the store it had a working elevator the oldest known rope pulling elevators in the Washington DC area. I have visited the LOC, HSW, MLK and many other agencies to find information about this stores history but as of yet haven't been able to find much information. If anyone can give me any leads I would greatly appreciate it, as I continue to stuggle to get my information.

Thank you
Stephen Hosmer

Re: Fred Litwin Furniture Store

Post by tericee »

Mr. Litwin died in 2007, but apparently the elevator is still in the location of the old store. Only it's a Potbelly Sandwich Works.

There's a little bit of store history in his obituary at ... 02189.html. And this other site has some tidbits as well.

One of the posts says the Smithsonian now owns the elevator. Perhaps they have more info in their files?

teri :)
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