Stores that never were: Sacramento edition

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Stores that never were: Sacramento edition

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In the Sacramento area, and in studying retail, I've discovered certain trends of where retailers chose to locate at back in the day and here is the list of the stores that I thought could've existed starting in the 90s or 2000s that never did. Were any of these proposed, but then shelved?? How many of these would still be operating, with out of business chains aside.

Auburn- Since studying the office supply store scene in the early to mid 2000s, many of the towns that still have one office supply store usually used to have two of them. Since Staples still operates in Auburn, was an Office Depot or an OfficeMax proposed for Auburn also in the late 90s/early 2000s??
A PlayPlace for one of the Auburn McDonald's locations

Citrus Heights- I am surprised that Citrus Heights never had a Bed Bath and Beyond, because the demographics for Citrus Heights would've fit and Bed Bath and Beyond tended to operate stores with 200,000 people per store.

Elk Grove- Barnes and Noble-I know this could very well happen in the near future, with rumors already circulating of one proposed in the Ridge Elk Grove center. But was a Barnes and Noble proposed for Elk Grove in the early to mid 2000s??

El Dorado Hills- was a Thirty/Payless/Rite Aid drug store proposed for the Raley's center back in the late 80s/early 90s??

Placerville- an Office Depot or Staples with the now closed OfficeMax store, a department store (JCPenney, Mervyn's, or Gottschalks), and an Albertson's grocery store (pre Lucky merger. Most likely would've become Ralphs)

I'm surprised there wasn't a Carl's Jr playground at any of the Rancho Cordova or central Sacramento locations back in the day?? It appears from looking at the map of the Ferrari Ranch location in Lincoln that a playground was about to be built?? Was that true?? ... ?entry=ttu

What are your thoughts??
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Re: Stores that never were: Sacramento edition

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About a decade plus ago, Sonic Drive-In was supposed to open their first Sacramento location in the Natomas area.

Construction started if I am not mistaken, but then the project was halted.

It apparently was revived in 2021! then canceled once more in 2023. ... e-forward/

Meanwhile, the city finally got its first Sonic at Delta Shores (near Freeport) sometime before 2020 - I have personally gone there on a roadtrip to Reno that year.
Chris Sampang
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