Major Montréal Update

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Major Montréal Update

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This one was a challenge and it had all the big issues:
  • City directories were basically useless after 1960 so I had to scour newspspers for ads with locations, which were not very common.
  • Metro and Richelieu stores were generally not branded as such for much of the period covered, so I have to re;y on a very few ads with full location lists. That's why they're in a separate sheet.
  • There was a major street renumbering in 1928.
  • Alphabetizing French-style street names is always a special treat.
See the notes on each sheet. I'm sure there are some omissions, but I'm quite proud of this one as it extends the timeframe from 1930-1960 to 1925-1983 and doubles the number of locations. I've also added a history timeline. Some visual material may be yet to come as well as the South Shore suburbs.
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