Old ServiStar Hardware signs still up?

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Old ServiStar Hardware signs still up?

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Does anybody remember ServiStar?

They were a chain of franchised hardware stores, merged with Coast To Coast in 1990 (though both chains still operated under their own respective names), merged with True Value in 1996, all 3 stores went under their own name until 1999 when both ServiStar & Coast To Coast changed to True Value.

I've noticed that several former ServiStar franchises still have their original signs up, despite most of them currently being True Value.

Not to self promote, but I made a list of said franchised locations with images from Google Maps / Street Vuew:

https://retail247.blogspot.com/2022/09/ ... istar.html

Is there any more of these that I'm missing?

I know there was one in Medway, MA, but that store has since closed with the sign being gone now.
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Re: Old ServiStar Hardware signs still up?

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Not much to add, but I took a picture of this sign in Rochester when I visited the city in 2014. I didn't even know what ServiStar was at the time; I just had a hunch that there was something about it that I should document and preserve.
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Re: Old ServiStar Hardware signs still up?

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ServiStar also tried to start their own corporate stores, building two in Longview, TX in 1984. Both were nice hardware stores, but were started at the time (especially in Longview) that large scale building supply warehouses started coming to town. They were gone by 1996, but both buildings are still standing:

918 W. Marshall Ave. - was a track-style entertainment center (as can be seen on the map) for more years than ServiStar:

1100 W. Loop 281 - now a Mattress store:
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