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Re: Barker's Department Stores

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Ampersand wrote: The White-Modell that became a Barkers in the Pyramid/Johnstown Mall I believe was what became the Fays/Eckerd/Rite-Aid space with Jamesway opening in a different space.
Not exactly. Here's what happened. When the mall opened in 1972, Loblaws was on the other end. In 1976, they sold the location to Price Chopper who remains there to this day. The original Fay's which opened with the mall was directly adjacent to Loblaws. In the late 80's, Price Chopper expanded the store into the Fay's space. In turn, Fay's built a new store at the other end of the mall sort of to the side of the front of the Jamesway if that makes any sense. They basically built out the front side wall but it was new space. If I recall, I believe the new Fay's opened in late 1988. To my knowledge, Jamesway never operated in any other space in the mall other than the one they were in when they opened in 1983. The Fay's eventually did become Eckerd but did not survive the Rite Aid merger as Rite Aid operates a store on one of the opposite corners of Route 30-A. The Fay's/Eckerd space today is occupied by Subway, Aaron's, Sherwin-Williams and Gamestop.
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Re: Barker's Department Stores

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You've probably already seen me make posts about this on the Kroger Family Centers topic, but I've made a list of discount dept. stores, which not only include Kroger FC's, but Barkers as well:


As of posting this, there's currently 57 Barkers locations on the list.

I also found this Google News Archive about the King's acquision: ... &q&f=false

According to said news archive, King's acquired 60 locations
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