Purity Store-Hayward, Calif.-Main and C streets (SE corner)


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Purity Store-Hayward, Calif.-Main and C streets (SE corner)

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A Purity grocery store with a distinctive Quonset hut-style roof operated in Hayward, California (Alameda County) from the late 1940s through circa 1961, according to an article by the Hayward Area Historical Society. See: https://www.haywardareahistory.org/one-corner

That article includes a photo of that Purity store building circa 1948.

That Purity store stood at the southeasterly corner of Main and C streets. After the Purity store closed circa 1961, the building was converted into a fire station, which was dedicated in 1966. That building was demolished in 1996. A new fire station building now stands on the site.

Another former Purity grocery store building still stands in 2023 in Hayward. The address apparently is 22225 Foothill Boulevard (which also is State Highway 238). It is located at the northwesterly corner of Foothill Blvd. and Hazel Avenue. See Google Street View: https://www.google.com/maps/@37.6794836 ... ?entry=ttu The Foothill Boulevard side of the building has said "CENTENNIAL SQUARE" for many years. The County of Alameda apparently has rented the building for many years for "Community Action" offices. I'm under the impression that the former Purity store building is the "core" of this building, but the outer portion of the building might have been a later addition. Perhaps that Purity store was a replacement for the one at Main and C streets?
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Re: Purity Store-Hayward, Calif.-Main and C streets (SE corner)

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Hmmm, as I’ve noted before, wouldn’t it be great if there were a website that documented chain supermarket locations like these with the Bay Area as one of its focus areas?

https://www.groceteria.com/place/califo ... y/hayward/
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