Washington, D.C.-Georgetown-Video from 1980

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Jason B.
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Washington, D.C.-Georgetown-Video from 1980

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There is a twelve minute-long video on YouTube of a Safeway store from 1980. See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YuNOjE5GyVg I have deduced that the location is the Safeway store in Georgetown, Washington, D.C., sometimes known as the "social Safeway." I reached this conclusion by studying the check stand register tape at 8:48. It appears to state, "GEORGETOWN SAFEWAY 1200". A search of the internet suggests that Safeway store was known as store no. 1200: https://www.vitadox.com/practice/george ... 6Tyw3Z6BSo Can anyone confirm that the store depicted is the "social Safeway"?
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Re: Washington, D.C.-Georgetown-Video from 1980

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I agree, this is the Georgetown Safeway, Store #1200. According to my information the store opened in May 1980. I worked in this store in 1990 and it had been totally remodeled by then, but I do recognize the arched front windows/facade (these were bricked in sometime after I left).
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