Bellevue, WA - Main Street Place

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Bellevue, WA - Main Street Place

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There’s a center bounded by 108th ave, 110th Ave, Main St and NE 2nd Sf that is being redeveloped into “Main Street Place”, a mixed use development with 1500 dwellings, 1MMft^2 of office space, ground level retail and dining, all spread over 6 buildings up to 16 floors, with a common subsurface parking structure.

Online parcel records have it all under common ownership of affiliates of Benenson since the 1970s, but I’m trying to figure out what the original retail mix was. Currently, the site hosts a former Toys/Babies R Us on the SE corner, and an H-Mart/Petsmart/Office Depot, and I figured out part of it was once an Albertsons grocery store, but the exterior construction/materials and total floor space don’t add up. Specifically, I don’t think the Toys R Us was built as a Toys R Us, but 45,000ft^2 also seems awfully large for a 60s-70s Albertsons. Here’s a photo of the exterior wall detail that struck me as not quite matching either firm’s style.
EE8FAE5D-47F1-4E6A-BECE-91343F656886.jpeg (25.18 KiB) Viewed 40 times
I don’t think it was a White Front (too small, and I think their only Bellevue location was at Overlake). That said, the larger building to the north, built in 1968, has been awkwardly split into three tenants and clearly had a former life that doesn’t exactly scream grocery either. It looks like the partition dates back to at least 1994, and CompUSA was at least the second tenant who occupied the southernmost part of the partition starting in 1995-6, after Marshall’s retreated. It has a footprint of 73Kft^2.

Here’s a detail of the second building exterior.
EC95F6DD-1EFF-4DB5-9BF2-603FE4F2F5DB.jpeg (22.35 KiB) Viewed 40 times

Anyone got any ideas?
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