Fuddruckers in Virginia, Maryland and DC

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Fuddruckers in Virginia, Maryland and DC

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As you may or may not know Luby's (who own Fuddruckers) were going to close both chains. They've been sold to Black Titan Enterprises, a franchisee who owns a number of restaurants. All stores were to have closed by now but at least for the time being this has been avoided. However, a large number of stores all over the country have closed. I'm just going to concentrate on Virginia, Maryland and DC (I live in VA for the record).

The one restaurant in DC is now closed.

Maryland apparently had 12 at one point:

One in Annapolis
Two in Baltimore
One in Brandywine
One in Columbia
One in Gaithersburg
One in Owings Mills
One in Pikesville
Two in Rockville (one closed in 2019)
One in Salisbury
One in Silver Spring

All are now closed, there are no locations in the state anymore.

Virginia only has four left:

Ashburn (suburb of Northern VA)
Ashland (just north of Richmond)
Woodbridge (a second restaurant has closed)

The list of closed restaurants in VA over the years is staggering however:

One in Alexandria
One in Annandale (closed May 2012). My father loved this chain and this is the location we ate at regularly.
Two in Chesapeake
One in Fairfax City (supposedly temporarily closed so massive road relocation/upgrade work could be done on Routes 123 and 236 from late 2016 to late 2017, the restaurant apparently never reopened)
One in Fredericksburg
One in Herndon (closed 2007, replaced by Magic Mushroom Pizza). I believe it was relocated to Ashburn and that location is still open. IIRC it was around this time that Herndon increased its Dine-In tax to the disgust of the local restaurateurs and Fuddruckers may have moved to avoid paying this tax, I know a lot of businesses over the years have left Herndon for Fairfax County to do just this.
One in Newport News (a Fuddruckers Deluxe, opened August 2014 but closed by 2018)
Two in Richmond
One in Salem
One in Sterling. This was actually inside Dulles Airport along with Five Guys and other resturants. Now closed but the Dulles Airport website still lists it as being open! And there is some question as to when it opened - A WASHINGTON POST article says it was to open in 2003 while the MWAA said it was to open in 2014 (I know that date is way off). And their map also shows it as still being open. There are Yelp reviews for this location between 2011 and 2015 for what that's worth, I believe it opened around 2007.
One in Vienna
One in Virginia Beach

I'll be honest, it's been well over 25 years since I've eaten at one but I'm tempted to invite my brother to go to the Ashburn location and see if the hype is still valid.
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Re: Fuddruckers in Virginia, Maryland and DC

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Thanks for the comprehensive list. I never realized there were so many Fuddruckers around the area at one point. The Rockville location always stood out to me, as it seemed to be a "destination" for a lot of Montgomery Country. I'm guessing the Silver Spring location must have come much later, as part of the Downtown Silver Spring redevelopment. That's because my dad loved Fddruckers, but we'd always drive all the way out to Rockville, and Silver Spring was like 10 minutes away but we never went there, so it must have not existed yet.

I'm surprised to see Fudd's dying off to this extent. I knew sit-down dining was having a hard time in general even before COVID, but it seems like this chain started pruning hard even pre-2020. I always preferred Red Robin because their fries were better, but I hope Fuddruckers doesn't completely vanish!
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Re: Fuddruckers in Virginia, Maryland and DC

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You're more than welcome,

We used to live in Burke so the Annandale location was pretty much the closest one for us. Dad really loved the burgers and we ate there a lot in the mid-late 70's and early 80's until we moved out to western Loudoun County.

Never ate at Red Robin, I know there's one in the parking lot of the mall @ Routes 7 and 28 (helped build it) but have never eaten at one. Ought to give them a try as well...
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Re: Fuddruckers in Virginia, Maryland and DC

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Fuddruckers was changing its logo before it went bankrupt, there is a location in Sparks, NV on N. McCarran in TA Truck Stop with the new logo. They seem to have reverted back to the old logo at present on the current website.
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