A&P (& related chains) commercials from the 2000's?

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A&P (& related chains) commercials from the 2000's?

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I'm not sure if this is the right place to be asking this,

but has anyone ever seen any A&P commercials or any commercials from A&P related chains from the 2000's?

I found a few Pathmark commercials from the 2000's (one of which goes as far as 2009)

I also found a commercial from 2000 for the A&P Sav-A-Center store chain (the stand alone Sav-A-Center stores, not the stores that were branded with it such as "Pathmark Sav-A-Center")

but other than that I cant find any A&P commercials from the 2000's.

All of the commercials / ads for A&P and A&P-owned chains that I can find only go from the 70's to the late 90's.

Did A&P suspend advertising across all of their chains in the 2000's? If they didn't, why are ads so hard to find?

I can't even find a Waldbaum's commercial that uses the logo with the read leaf as the apostrophe.

Also, when a store chain goes out of business, they usually air a going out of business commercial.

But as far as I can tell, A&P didn't do any advertising for that. (to be fair, out of all the going out of business commercials that I've seen on YouTube, none of them are for supermarkets or grocery stores)
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