Former grocery store / supermarket? (Twin Falls)

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Former grocery store / supermarket? (Twin Falls)

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By any chance would this be an old supermarket? The building design gives me a 70's supermarket vibe. ... gIgARICCAI
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Re: Former grocery store / supermarket? (Twin Falls)

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Almost certainly a Safeway based on the faux stone and the identical features on each side that would have held a "Circle-S" Safeway logo. But I have no data to support this.
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Re: Former grocery store / supermarket? (Twin Falls)

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Seems like it had to be a Safeway... wonder when it closed. Odd lot placement for a Safeway, surprised they accepted being hidden from the street the way the store is.

Safeway had a unit that was open throughout the years at 115 Addison (still open as an independent).
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Re: Former grocery store / supermarket? (Twin Falls)

Post by tkaye »

It was a Safeway, built 1957. I'm surprised it wasn't a gable as that was about when they started using that design. I'm not sure what was meant by it "being hidden from the street," as it fronts Filer Avenue along with the rest of the shopping center. There are some articles describing how the proposal to build the store met with opposition as some felt it exceeded the allowable square footage for the zoning in the area.

Safeway sold the Salt Lake division to Borman's in 1987. They ran the two Twin Falls stores under the Farmer Jack name for about a year until they were spun off as independents (IGA) which remained in business for about a dozen more years. Dollar Tree opened in 2004.

I'm curious if the rest of the plaza got a matching mansard treatment sometime in the '70s.

The other store was at 512 Main Ave. N., built in 1966. It was constructed behind a '40s-era store which was torn down for the parking lot.

Albertson's was at 115 Addison Ave W. The building there currently was built in 1961, replacing a 1948 store that burned down. Albertson's operated there until 1976 when it was replaced by the current store at 1221 Addison.
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