Disappearing supermarket commercials from YouTube

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Disappearing supermarket commercials from YouTube

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I've noticed that as YouTube crack down on content, and some users end up having their entire library removed either deliberately or due to another offense on the user's part, a lot of commercials have disappeared.

I've attempted to archive YouTube videos when I see them to get a hard copy, but a number I know have perished entirely:

- A Smitty's (Missouri) commercial advertising a new store in the mid-1990s, complete with the opening date. This is notable as no other examples of Smitty's-MO exist on YouTube anymore (it had a similar logo but had gotten rid of most of the GM by the time Albertsons purchased it)
- A commercial on the opening of the now-closed Randalls Flagship at the corner of Westheimer and Shepherd in Houston, showing drawings of what the departments looked like (when it opened, it sure didn't look like that by the time it closed)
- One of the "Albertsons: It's Your Store" ads from the early 1990s (that was only added a few years ago) focusing on pharmacy (or baby?) items, the similar "meats" one was re-added recently but with watermarks
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