Queen Anne Safeway #368 Seattle

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Queen Anne Safeway #368 Seattle

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There are/were two Queen Anne Safeways, both Marinas, an upper and lower. The lower was torn down in the 2004 and a new store was built with condos above it. Safeway would like to replace the upper Queen Anne store #368 built in the 1960s with a modern store with housing above it. There are a number of complications, Seattle is not the easiest city to work with, costs of running a business in Seattle, and Safeway, the developers are number crunching, and really Albertson's is being cost conscious as always. I have visited the upper Queen Anne store many times starting in the 1980s, not always the friendliest store, lots of foot traffic in the store but people don't buy a lot at one time, Safeway and Albertsons has always had challenges staffing these types of stores, local QFC owned by Kroger does a much better job (and has slightly higher prices). Pictures attached, 1960s Safeway and current, under that renovated front is a Marina in hiding, Of note, POS enthusiasts this store opened with Sweda Power Pennys, then IBM 3683s, Bastard serial killer Ted Bundy worked at this store :(
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