Vancouver, WA Tower Mall Safeway

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Vancouver, WA Tower Mall Safeway

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I know the article is more focused on the Tower Mall property itself, but I posted here because it contains a couple of good photos of the Safeway store in the mall when it was open and has an interior shot as well (with a couple of old console TVs above the frozen food cases...not sure if they were a contest giveaway or if actually for sale)

I believe the current Safeway to the east at Mill Plain and Andresen is the replacement for this store.
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Re: Vancouver, WA Tower Mall Safeway

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Those are great pictures! It's a shame that this mall became so blandified with subsequent alterations: The X-shaped lattice above the entrance next to Safeway would be a sight to behold today. But it's all a moot point if the whole thing is coming down.
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