Phoenix - Remembering Smitty's

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Re: Phoenix - Remembering Smitty's

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wrallen99 wrote:Here is what the abandoned original Smitty's looks like now (pictures are from summer 2007) Everything on that corner is abandoned: Smitty's (later Southwest Supermarkets), KFC, Walgreens, and some independent shops. Only the Burger King on the corner is open (out of view of the picture). One the sign to the left of the "no tresspassing" sign, you can see the Smitty's logo if you look closely.


Here are some pictures of that Food City near the original Smitty's. Now I can see why it had such a large backroom. The backroom area of the store seems to be larger than the sales floor, as you can see from the picture, it is to the right of the pylon. It was probably their first distribution center before they were bought by Basha's.

I worked here in the Mid 1980's. Anyone else?
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