Globe Shopping City

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Globe Shopping City

Post by jamcool »

In the 60s, Walgreens dived into the discount store business. Wag's attempt was Globe Shopping City, based in OK City. Globe operated K-Mart-sized stores with grocery dept's (named "Globe Food") in the SW states - AZ, NM, TX, OK with the slogan "Everything Under The Sun For LESS" (Their logo was a smiling Mr. Sun). Globe was apparently successful until the mid-70s, when Walgreen decided to concentrate on drug stores. FedMart bought a lot of the Globe stores (at least in AZ) to expand into the SW - which may have been a reason for their demise in the 80s!
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Post by Daniel »

Thanks for that bit of history! I have a demo LP of ad jingles from the 70's, and Globe Discount was one of the stores I knew nothing about.
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Re: Globe Shopping City

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Just found this.....there was never a store in Oklahoma City called Globe.....I remember the one in Lubbock.

Unless it was under another name like Shoppers World or Founders Fair....both similar types of stores to Globe.
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Re: Globe Shopping City

Post by wnetmacman »

In some of the recent digging I've been doing in, I found that Globe had two stores in Shreveport, LA; one at 505 W. 70th St. This store was repurposed as a furniture store in the 80's, and is currently a warehouse for the regional Ivan Smith Furniture.
The second, smaller store was at 745 Shreveport-Barksdale Highway. It spent a good amount of time as Wal-Mart, and is currently split between Family Dollar, Anytime Fitness an Super 1 Foods.

A third store was in Baton Rouge in the 5900 block Florida Blvd. It has been several things, and is partially tenanted by a Roses store now.

None of these stores made it out of the 70's.
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