Safeway at Richey and Bammel Rds, Houston

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Safeway at Richey and Bammel Rds, Houston

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Was this store anything after Safeway/AppleTree? It appears empty in Google Maps and must have been one of the last new Safeways built in Houston, circa 1984. Ironically the decline of Safeway in Houston coincided with the growth of Randalls. There was an earlier Safeway (from the 70's) at Bammel and 249 which closed as AppleTree in 1993, and was empty until recently when it became a thrift store. Neither of these are far from Willowbrook Mall.
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Re: Safeway at Richey and Bammel Rds, Houston

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I think there were a few more Safeways built after that. There's one that's a Kroger now that strongly resembles (brown brick, same style entrance) the Village Foods in Bryan (1988? Safeway), and I know I saw at least one article from 1988 about a new Safeway in Houston, around the time Auchan was opening. Of course, almost none of even the modern Safeways built were particularly large or upscale, which almost certainly contributed to its downfall.

As for "what was this Safeway/AppleTree later", I don't know, sadly.
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