True Value Hardware Stores in Portland, OR

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True Value Hardware Stores in Portland, OR

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Does anyone remember the history of True Value Hardware Stores in Portland, OR and its outlying suburbs? Like all TVH stores, they were all independently owned and operated.

For starters, I know many TVH stores were located in some Thriftway food stores (which, like TVH, were independently owned and operated), including both the Southgate Shopping Center (1966-89) and the King Road Shopping Center (1989-93) locations, as well as at the Danielson's Hilltop Super Center in southern Oregon City. I can only hint that many of the Thriftway store owners partnered with TVH to lease part of the space for the latter.

There was also one TVH store in the downtown Milwaukie area that in 1980 was converted from the Olson's Five and Ten store, but it was short-lived and had later moved into the Milwaukie Lumber store.

Some TVH stores also had Toy Centers for the kiddies. The aforementioned TVH parcel at the Danielson's Thriftway at Hilltop (Oregon City) had this department available.

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Re: True Value Hardware Stores in Portland, OR

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Hi-School Pharmacy operated, depending on the location, True Value and Ace Hardware inside most of their stores. However, these are gradually disappearing as many stores have been sold to Walgreens or have simply closed. Some hardware-only stores are still operated by them.
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