History of Toys "R" Us in Portland, Oregon?

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History of Toys "R" Us in Portland, Oregon?

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http://thecaldorrainbow.blogspot.com/20 ... -1978.html

The above URL is what inspired me to post this topic.

Does anyone know all about what the three original Toys "R" Us stores in the Portland, Oregon area looked like originally?

The three locations are:
Clackamas - 12535 SE 82nd Ave., Portland, OR 97266 (at Harmony Road, south of Clackamas Town Center)
Jantzen Beach - 1800 Jantzen Beach Ctr. Dr., Portland, OR 97217 (west of Jantzen Beach Center mall)
Tigard - 10065 SW Cascade Ave., Tigard, OR 97223 (across Rt. 217, from Washington Square mall)

All three of these locations opened in 1980, so I would assume they are, according to The Caldor Rainbow's page, the "B" type stores, which he describes as "fashioned with an 'L-shaped' scheme and where built with focal points focusing on the building's corner or split, presumably to garner more roadside eyesight and traffic. The rainbow stripes would wrap around the building within the 'L'-pattern, with as many as two adjacent nearby entrance ways on the building's longer 'L' frontage and continuing stripes along the shorter part of the L, which would serve as the building side, often containing an additional logo. Stores are also well known to have had additional 'peaking' or box-shaped glass-skylit exit ways distant from store frontal entrances, typically on the longer part of the 'L.'

Type B stores have also been known to contain a thinner roof façade, continuing with as many as four ripples across on the long portion of the 'L'-pattern though not exclusively so. These were also the last years stores would see 'Children's Bargain Town' signage over the entrance."

The B-type TRU stores were also known to have wider-spaced lettering for "TOYS 'R' US."

I know the Clackamas store's original road pylon was brown with rainbow lettering (see the picture, in the above link, of the one for the Horseheads, NY store), which was changed around 2007 to a white background containing the current TRU logo/letter colors. I cannot be sure of the other two TRU's having road pylons, though (the Jantzen Beach store probably never had one at all).

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