Early '80s Toys "R" Us Halloween Commercial

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Early '80s Toys "R" Us Halloween Commercial

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This, folks, is an early 1980s Halloween-themed commercial Toys "R" Us had ran throughout said time of year. This one has a Big Bird costume and a Yoda costume.

I take it this ad's animated sequences and music were unchanged for the course of about six years (from 1980 to 1985), even leaving the 1980 copyright info at the end intact. The only obvious differences applied to what was being sold in each of those six years during Halloween season, and the spoken voiceover.

Here is a later version of the same ad, with the spoken voiceover (a different one than the first) coming in earlier, depicting a wide, non-specific range of merchandise for children (and teenagers) (and shortening the animated sequence, removing Geoffrey and family and a skeleton):

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