Thrifty Junior Drug Stores

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Re: Thrifty Junior Drug Stores

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Jeff wrote:Chad, see if you can find anything about an Albertsons that opened on Imperial Hwy at Rose Dr. Its now a Stater Bros. In that small center, there is a tiny CVS that once had to have been a Sav-on Express. Question is, when did the center open? I beleive it had to have had opened after or about the time CVS left.
The best I could come up with was the liquor license data. Albertsons got their license in 1991. The liquor license was issued to Lucky Stores (Savon) in 1994.
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Re: Thrifty Junior Drug Stores

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In 1994, the Lucky division of American Stores held the liquor licenses for Savon Drugs and Savon Express. It was also around this time that ASC rebranded the in-store Lucky Pharmacy to Savon Pharmacy. (Similar but unrelated note: Lucky bigrigs were seen at Savon stores).

Indeed, this particular store was a Savon Express.

CVS first left California in 1992 after selling their chain to Savon (they closed their mall general merchandise outlets).

I think the Savon Express banner came off of ASC's acquisition of the small CVS stores.

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Re: Thrifty Junior Drug Stores

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That seems feasible since this center is small. I know this thread is on Thrifty Jr, but I think this would make this store as a Sav-on Express its entire life until CVS opened it.
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