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What would you MOST like to see more of at

More frequent "blog" type entries.
More in-depth features on the histories of specific chains and cities.
More photos with less emphasis on text-based information.
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Site Poll

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Hi all.

My apologies for the general lack of updates to the site lately. As many of you know, I entered graduate school last fall, and it's absorbed a lot of the time I used to spend on the site. I'm hoping that situation will be rectified at some point in the next few months and that I'll have time to finish some of the significant updates I've been working on a little at at time over the past year. As I think about the future of the site, I thought it might be good add a poll here and to open up some things for discussion.

Please take a second to complete the poll, and feel free to reply with expanded comments. Note that I'm really only asking about the main site and not about the message board here.

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