Sears Bakery/Deli/Cafe (1990)

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Sears Bakery/Deli/Cafe (1990)

Post by pseudo3d » 11 Jan 2021 18:30

While doing research for something else, an intriguing entry under the Restaurants section of the Yellow Pages of Waco, Texas stuck out..."Sears Bakery Deli Cafe", at the same address of the Sears in Richland Mall (which closed a few years back). I know Sears had candy and popcorn counters back in the day, as well as a coffee shop, but I'm pretty sure these were gone by this time (the Sears in question opened in the early 1980s). I know sometime around this time Sears experimented with McDonald's inside stores, but the idea of Sears trying to run a restaurant operation this late is mind-blowing. Does anyone have more information about this; was it tried elsewhere?

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Re: Sears Bakery/Deli/Cafe (1990)

Post by nysw3636 » 12 Jan 2021 16:32

I saw this a while back in an article. I believe this idea started in 1988 with a Chicago location in Woodfield Shopping Center. Look up Cattleguard, Inc on this subject, as I believe they were involved. Formerly "The French Baker"? Ill look in my notes...

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