Fresno-Grocery Stores-Early & Mid-20th Century


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Fresno-Grocery Stores-Early & Mid-20th Century

Post by Jason B. » 04 Dec 2018 04:26

The "Fresno Bee" (FB) and "Fresno Morning Republican" (FMR) newspaper index has a few cards devoted to "RETAIL STORES-GROCERY STORES." They offer insights into the grocery store business in Fresno in the early and mid-20th century:

(1) Piggly Wiggly to open here. FMR 11/1/23
(2) H. Graff & Co. changes to Frost & Hushaw. FMR 10/4/24
(3) Final details complete in $500,000 deal of Black's Co. FMR 11/13/24
(4) Atlantic-Pacific Tea Co. chain store to be opened here. FMR 12/4/30, 9
(5) Golden State market opens on Van Ness. FMR 11/21/31
(6) Booras Pappas to open tenth Fresno store. FMR 3/9/32, 9
(7) Justesen opens two new stores here tomorrow. FMR 6/30/33, 4A
(8) Justesen's will open new store at 920 Olive. Por FB 8/17/49, 15A
(9) Black's plan opening, 2612 Blackstone. FB 1/5/50, 9A
(10) New supermarket opens on Van Ness. FB 3/3/50, 3A
(11) Safeway buys site for $30,000 supermarket. FB 6/8/50, 1B
(12) New Safeway on Shields to be opened. FB 2/12/51, 3B
(13) Land mark on Blackstone to be razed; grocery store in operation since 1911, FB 4/5/51, 8B
(14) Safeway buys site for McKinley Avenue store. FB 9/21/54, 6A
(15) Mayfair chain negotiates to buy Black's, FB 3/6 (?)/56, 1A
(16) Purchase seven Black's stores. FB 3/22/56, 1D
(17) Grocery chain buys 2 store sites in Fresno. (Purity Stores, Ltd.) FB 12/7/57, 1A
(18) Supermarket opens at Clinton, Fruit. il. (McMillan's 3rd) FB 3/25/62, 41F
(19) New market. il. (Tom Thumb) FB 5 (?)/20/62, 34F
(20) Old market will move to new area. (Home Mt. Broadway) FB 7/15/62, 35F
(21) New market will open Wednesday. il. (Golden Eagle) FB 8/5/62, 27F
(22) Food Market (Giant) asks court to deny injunction. FB 8/21/62, 2B
(23) McMillan's 4th supmart will open tomorrow, por. il. FB 10/10/62
(24) Fourth Mayfair supermarket will be opened. il. FB 10/30/62, 1C
(25) Safeway plans supermart on hospital (Wallace Memorial) site. il. FB 1/6/63, 22F
(26) Ex-Fresnan buys two markets in $1 million deal. (Giants & Van's) FB 1/9/63, 1C
(27) Grocery carts - sometimes they just keep rolling along. FB 7/27/63, 1B
(28) Giant chain buys Dyers grocery. (10th for chain here) FB 2/9/64, 31F
(29) H. Graff & Co., one of Fresno's oldest, going out of business (1924) 40 FB 10/1/64, ed. p. Yesterdays
(30) Safeway opens new outlet, East Ventura Ave. il. FB 3/8/64, 37F
(31) Purity sells Mayfair center store, (to McMillan) FB 11/15/64, 23F
(32) Bay man buys Valley Giant Food Centers. (Anthony Periera, Alamo) FB 1/28/65, 1A
(33) Wholesale grocery firm holds open house. il. (Market) FB 7/18/65, 25F
(34) New Safeway will open on Blackstone. FB 12-5-65, 31F

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Re: Fresno-Grocery Stores-Early & Mid-20th Century

Post by Groceteria » 04 Dec 2018 10:22

Excellent. If anyone has access to, it includes both papers through 1975. This could be a great roadmap. Thanks!

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