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Re: McDaniel's Markets in Socal

Post by Steve Landry » 02 Jan 2021 09:21

symmes4 wrote: 01 Jan 2021 14:31 I confirm this history for the McDaniel's Market on Hollenbeck. I was about 8 years old at the time and my dad was the assistant manager at the time in 1960. Growing up it was always so cool for my dad to take me to work with him. I was so proud of him, especially when he unlocked the front door with his key. What I really enjoyed was sitting in the cold food storage area and he would pull down a container of cottage cheese for us to share together. I remember being sad when McDaniel's shut the chain down. I always thought it was the best job he ever had. He worked in grocery stores the rest of his, finally retiring in 1984. I also confirm the skating rink story followed by the building teardown for the freeway off ramp redesign. Me...I'm 68 years old and love to hear the old stories of SoCal markets, especially McDaniel's and Mayfair Stores.
Have you ever encountered another older grocery chain by the name of Fox Markets (had a fox as a mascot)?

It was purchased by Food Fair and for a time was called Fox's Food Fair........later changed to Food Fair and then Pantry Pride.
The Food Fair Empire

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