Original Kroger superstore, Jackson, MI closed

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Original Kroger superstore, Jackson, MI closed

Post by Andrew T. » 25 May 2018 15:16

I hate to be the harbinger of bad news, but the Kroger superstore in Jackson, Michigan closed this year. This was quite possibly the last 1970s Kroger store with a perfect, completely-original exterior left in operation anywhere in the country:

http://www.mlive.com/news/jackson/index ... n_for.html

I was fortunate to visit this store two or three times in the last decade...it always seemed clean and fairly busy in spite of its age. It had the early '90s grid decor (which is pretty old in its own right by now), and original floor tiling.

Anyone want it? It's for lease. :P https://thebrokerlist.com/have/lease-5- ... n-mi-26451
"The pale pastels which have been featured in most food stores during the past 20 years are no longer in tune with the mood of the 1970s."
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Re: Original Kroger superstore, Jackson, MI closed

Post by cammers1995 » 23 Nov 2019 08:29

I know this is a bump over a year later but didn't want to make another topic. I used to work here up until it closed in 2018 (I lived in east side Jackson).

The store closed due to three different reasons which were financial reasons, the landlord being hesitatant to renew the lease and the condition of the building.
In our final year we had many roof leaks and electrical problems that Kroger was unwilling to put money into. They wanted the landlord to fix it and they would not. After having a store walk through during final inventory in that quarter the company realized it would be too expensive to repair the roof and electrical problems so they BRIEFLY looked at leasing at least part of the former Kmart next door but that building too was in horrendous shape. As a result, we were let known in early January we were permanently closing and April 8th was our last day of operation.

The landlord pretty much ruined a good thing because this Kroger did fairly well in most aspects. They lost the Kroger and now the building inside looks terrible. Looking in the windows a couple months ago it seems they have NOT fixed the leaks yet so the elements are fastly entering the building now and they haven't been able to find anyone to lease it.
Meanwhile, due to likely similar reasons, the dollar general closed last month and moved down the street escaping that plaza. The inside of that storefront looks almost just as bad.

While most of the signage has been ripped off, the square Kroger sign still remains outside, although it's spray painted over, you can still see the Kroger logos.

I took these photos only a month after it closed and you can see just how bad it looked: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bidr6_CHXT4 ... a48syoqw03

I'm planning on returning and looking into the windows again during Thanksgiving because my mom lives right over there. I guess I can snap a few pics too.

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