Kroger/NC Triangle

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Kroger/NC Triangle

Post by Groceteria » 07 Jul 2016 23:31

Kroger has had a long and interesting history in NC, and here's one thing I'm curious about:

They showed up in Durham in the 1950s and seem to have been there ever since, but never came to Raleigh (same metro, same media market, 25 miles east) until they purchased the divested Hannaford locations in the 1990s.

Even today, Kroger has more geographic penetration in Durham than Raleigh.

Any thoughts on how that came to be?

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Re: Kroger/NC Triangle

Post by Lovable73941 » 02 Sep 2019 17:33

Well, as of August 11, 2018, Kroger has left the NC Triangle due to the ongoing grocery War in the NC Triangle

Proof: ... /17624454/ ... /17754950/

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