Retro Chek Sodas

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Retro Chek Sodas

Post by dooneyt63 » 30 Jun 2016 18:48

Those of you interested in historic private brands and their packaging may wish to know that Southeastern Grocers is introducing a retro package Chek Soda product sweetened with 100% real sugar in cans much like the 1965 debut starting July 1. These will be available across all banners: Bi-Lo, Harvey's, and Winn Dixie.. Chek is one of the best known and few extant historic store brands around, harking back to a time when most major chains had not only eponymous brands but many brands with unique names. It was reported today on Supermarket News, and the soda will be offered in cola, orange, grape, and strawberry. Chek is a rare survivor of Winn Dixie's decision to whittle its once vast line of private label names.

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Re: Retro Chek Sodas

Post by wnetmacman » 02 Jul 2016 21:58

Last year, they did this with three special 'summer' flavors. Only one of them tasted good. One was supposed to stay around permanently, but I haven't seen any signs of them since last year when they ran out. I think they had to pour the Funnel Cake ones down the drain.
Scott Greer

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