Lafayette, LA

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Lafayette, LA

Post by wnetmacman » 03 Sep 2019 22:11

So I'm finally (late) jumping into the game. I've acquired a subscription to (until my wife finds out!) and have been playing around in the newspapers of a couple of places I've lived, including my current town, Lafayette.

Lafayette is one of the most interesting in supermarket history, because at one given time or another, all of the major chains below have had a presence here, though some more limited than others:
  • Albertsons (and Skaggs)
  • Kroger (neighborhood 60's, Superstore AND Family Center, plus a Greenhouse for adequate confusion)
  • A&P
  • National/Canal Villere/The Real Superstore
  • Weingarten, and by later acquisition, Safeway
  • Delchamps
  • Winn-Dixie
  • Piggly Wiggly
  • Kmart (both Kmart Foods/Allied and a Super Kmart Center)
  • Walmart, which now includes a closed Supercenter (No boos from the crowd, please)
I don't know of any other city that has had such a diverse grocery history (and to be down to only 3 on the list now) over the years. I'm also finding that some stores I wasn't even aware of existed, including one of the Krogers that is a hidden building in the same shopping center with the Superstore that replaced it.

I'll be working on this over the next few weeks; I'm pretty excited about it. If it works well, I may also do Longview, TX, which doesn't quite have the long list, but it is storied.
Scott Greer

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Re: Lafayette, LA

Post by wnetmacman » 10 Sep 2019 22:06

I have a bit of a preview here. This spreadsheet covers locations of all the chains that have operated in Lafayette since 1955. There may be corrections later depending on what else I find. All I can say is that Lafayette is a very interesting place. Narrative of all of this to come.!AosfK_GqChQ0gdUWw6j ... Q?e=XjJ0ig
Scott Greer

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Re: Lafayette, LA

Post by Groceteria » 11 Sep 2019 11:28

This is looking quite intriguing!

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Re: Lafayette, LA

Post by pseudo3d » 14 Feb 2020 11:37

2863 Ambassador Caffery had to have been renovated before had the "Albertsons Market" signage on the aisle markers when I visited in 2015, indicated it might have been renovated prior to the buyback of NAI.

https://safewayalbertsonstexas.blogspot ... te-la.html

A few other questions/notes:
- Were the Weingarten stores sold to Safeway in 1982? I know that the sale of the stores was in December 1983-January 1984, that's when Grand Union dismantled the chain (except for one location in Houston they kept open due to lease requirements until 1986).
- I thought I read somewhere that all the Kroger stores in Baton Rouge were sold to A&P in the mid-1980s, guess not if the Lafayette stores (which were sold around the same time) went to National. Were both markets part of the Southwest Division, or were they Delta?

As for the question posed your original post, I would say College Station-Bryan had a diverse grocery history as well (though not AS impressive), with all the following appearing since 1970:
Albertsons (inc. Skaggs and Jewel Osco)
Brookshire Brothers (coming back!)
Piggly Wiggly
Safeway (by extension AppleTree)
Weingarten (co-existed with Safeway)

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